William Rhodes Bernard I

1794 - 1868

Claimant or beneficiary


There were two William Rhodes Bernards in the Bernard family alive in the 1830s (in addition to the William Rhodes Bernard who d. 1809): while it is possible that both of them received awards for the Eden estate in St James, in which the name appears twice, it is more likely that the awards went to William Rhodes Bernard I, son of David Bernard who previously held the estate .

  1. William Rhodes Bernard I (1794-1868) was the son of David Bernard and Judith Bernard senior, and the brother of Judith junior (q.v.) and Rev. Samuel Edward Bernard (q.v.). He matriculated Queens College Oxford in 1810 aged 16, Lincolns Inn 1812. He was living at 12 Cambray Place Cheltenham with his sister Judith in 1861, a fundholder aged 67 born Jamaica. He died of Cheltenham 'MD', and at Cheltenham, 27/01/1868 and his will was proven 21/02/1868 by his siblings Judith and Samuel Edward Bernard, effects under £10,000.

  2. William Rhodes Bernard II (1804-1845) 'of Lincoln's Inn' was the oldest son of Charles Edward Bernard of Bristol, doctor.  He matriculated Balliol College Oxford 1820 aged 16, BA 1824, of Lincolns Inn 1824. The will of William Rhodes Bernard 'of Bristol' was proved 26/11/1845.


T71/873 St James No. 31A-F; the family genealogy is summarised under the entry for Judith Bernard sen.

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Associated Claims (1)

£3,581 19s 4d

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1834 [EA] - → Joint owner

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Addresses (2)

Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, South-west England, England
12 Cambray Place, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, South-west England, England
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This is almost certainly William Rhodes Bernard (1794-1868), the son of Judith Bernard senior: see biog notes.