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Reportedly awarded half the compensation for the Orchard estate in Port Royal Jamaica as owner-in-fee. The remainder of the compensation for the estate went to Rev. Benjamin Guest and Rev James Furnival trustees and executors of James Willasy [sic]. George Guest was probably the man identified as the brother of the Rev. Benjamin Guest in the will of the latter's father Henry Guest of Bridgnorth proved 31/07/1793, but the connection has not yet been confirmed and neither Guest nor his path to so-ownership has yet been traced further.   

  1. The case of Guest v Willasey in 1825 gives some background to the claim but does not identify George Guest. James Willasey by will dated 10/2/1814 devised Clifton Hall to his son James and gave the Orchard Hall estate in Port Royal to Nicholas Salisbury and Abraham Garnett on trust. In 1818, having sold Clifton Hall, he bought Allerton Hall. He added a codicil in 1819 to divide the proceeds of the sales of Clifton Hall and Allerton Hall to his children after a £300 annuity to his wife Mary. On 30/9/1823 he added a second codicil with instructions on the sale of Orchard Hall and appointing Edward Lister of Everton and Rev. James Furnival of Upton as executors. On 13/2/1824 he added a third codicil, replacing Edward Lister with Rev. Benjamin Guest of Everton. Willasey died 17/2/1824 and his widow died shortly thereafter. The parties were Guest and Furnival versus James Willasey an infant, Mary J. Willasey, Sarah C. Willasey, William Willasey, Edward Willasey,  Maria Ruth Willasey, Alicia Willasey and Salisbury and Garnett.


T71/864 Port Royal No. 30. In the Jamaica Almanacs, Orchard was shown against James Willacy in 1811, James Willasey in 1816, Barnaby Maddan in 1818, John Willasey in 1820 and then Barnaby Maddan from 1821 to 1833; will of Henry Guest of Bridgnorth PROB 11/1234/313.

  1. John Moore, Cases argued and determined in the Court of Common Pleas and Exchequer Chamber (1828) Vol. 10, pp. 223-233. It seems peculiar that Willasey would entrust his estate to two youngish clergymen, but the identification of Rev. James Furnival of Upton is clear.

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