Adam Hay

14th Dec 1795 - 18th Jan 1867

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Sir Adam Hay (1795-1867), banker and politician.

  1. The son of Sir John Hay 5th bart and the Hon Mary Elizabeth Forbes, and brother of Sir John Hay 6th bart. (1788-1839), whom he succeeded as baronet of Smithfield and Haystoun. Sir John himself had also been a partner in the Edinburgh bank of Sir Wm Forbes, James Hunter & Co.

  2. Sir Adam Hay, as a director of the Union Bank (into which Sir Wm Forbes, James Hunter & Company was merged in 1843), was among the delegates to the Bank of England in the Union Bank's crisis of 1857-8.


  1. Gentleman's Magazine Volume 11 1839 p. 209 obituary of Sir John Hay (which describes the bank as 'Forbes and Co.').

  2. Richard Saville, Bank of Scotland: a history, 1695-1995 (1996) p. 501.

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Banker and politician

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£209 3s 0d
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Linlithgow Burghs Lanark / Linlithgow / Peebles / Selkirk
1826 - 1830
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Edinburgh, Midlothian (Edinburgh), Central Scotland, Scotland