John Robertson of Plantation

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Glasgow merchant, cashier of the Glasgow Arms Bank, father and partner of John Murdoch Robertson (q.v.). The two men together were awarded one half of the compensation for the Mount Pleasant estate on St Vincent.

  1. John Robertson bought the Craigiehall estate near Govan Road in 1783, renaming it Plantation. He sold it in 1793 to John Mair, who rebuilt the house. Robertson Street in Glasgow is named after the family.

  2. John Robertson was a partner in The Smithfield Company, an important iron-working concern in Glasgow, active for a century from c. 1734, but in the hands of trustees in 1828. The Glasgow Arms Bank closed in 1793 and appears to represent a cul-de-sac in Scottish banking.


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John Murdoch

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£6,027 5S 4D

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1822 [EA] - 1834 [LA] → Joint owner

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John Robertson was shown as a partner [without dates] in Smith & Mitchell, Old Country Houses of the Old Country...
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Partner and...

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Urban Development
Robertson Street 
notes →
Built across the lands of the Robertson family of Glasgow merchants and manufacturers, and named after them. Plantation Square now stands where Plantation street ran: both are named after John...
Public building
Glasgow Coffee Room [Built] 
description →
'Coffee house, offices for brokers, and rooms for tobacco and sugar samples in the city of Glasgow', built c. 1782 and which in 1783 'became the universal resort of the whole mercantile,...
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John Robertson purchased one of the 107 shares of £50 each, on the life of his son John Murdoch Robertson (then aged c....

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Father → Son