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Given as James Wedderburne in the compensation records. The Chancery suit of Marshall v Wedderburn into which the compensation for Langley Park was paid arose from the will of George Ogilvie made 01/08/1782 with a codicil of 1791, and reflected the efforts of the son Simon Taylor Ogilvie (formerly Simon Taylor Clarke) the son of George Ogilvie's nephew and heir under the will George Clarke to assert an interest in the estate of George Ogilvie, who in his codicil had diverted the legacy to George Clarke's sister Clementina. The executors under the codicil included both Sir John Wedderburn of Ballindean and John Wedderburn of Spring Garden. Given the Chancery suit was heard in 1829, it seems more likely that the James Wedderburn named in the compensation records as party to the suit was James Wedderburn of Leadenhall Street (d. 1831, son of the latter) than James Wedderburn of Penge Place (d. 1815, son of the former).

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James Wedderburne

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£2,628 16s 8d
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