Hardress Lloyd

1781 - 1860

Claimant or beneficiary


MP for King's County 1807-1818, and co-trustee of Hardress Robert Saunderson and Rt Hon. Lady Maria Ann his wife under a marriage settlement of 1765. Saunderson and his wife Lady Maria Anne Luttrell were married in 1821: the marriage settlement of 1765 must refer to an earlier marriage,possibly the first marriage of Lady Maria Anne Luttrell's father the 3rd Earl of Carhampton.


Counterclaim from Robert [sic] Hardress [sic] Saunderson, Rt. Hon. Lady Maria Ann (his wife), and Hardress Lloyd & Richard Morgan, their trustees, as annuitants by virtue of a marriage settlement created by indenture dated 18/05/1765; http://www.historyofparliamentonline.org/volume/1790-1820/member/lloyd-hardress-1781-1860.

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£5,663 11s 0d
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King's County King's County
1807 - 1818

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