Alexander Seton

???? - 1850

Claimant or beneficiary


Almost certainly Alexander Anderson Seton of Mounie, son of James Anderson and Margaret Seton. Partner in Colvile & Co. (q.v.).

  1. Alexander Anderson Seton married Janet Skene Oglivy 08/02/1810 at Southwark; children were all baptised in Tottenham. Their son Lt Col Alexander Seton (1814-1852) is in the ODNB as a soldier who died in the wreck of HMS Birkenhead off the Cape. Will of Alexander Seton of Mounie Aberdeenshire proved 05/09/1850.

  2. Alex. Seton was at 20 Dorset Square, London, in 1835.

  3. The will of Alexander Seton of Mounie Aberdeenshire was proved 05/09/1850. Under the will, which is brief, he left his personal property to his wife Janet Skene Seton and, in the event of her predeceasing him, the pictures plate and books were to go to his son Alexander and the rest of his personalty to be divided equally between his sons David and George. The will's silence over real estate suggests he had previously settled it. The witnesses to the will were two clerks of Andrew Colvile 'merchant of London at London', cementing the identification of Alexander Seton of Mounie as the partner in Colvile & Co.

  4. The uncle of Alexander Caulfield Anderson, fur trader with the Hudson's Bay Company. Several online entries give Lt Col Alexander Seton (1814-1852) as the cousin of Alexander Caulfield Anderson and state that Seton Lake in British Columbia was named after him.

  5. Named as Trustee and Executor in the will of his business partner John Wedderburn of Spring Garden (q.v.). Seton joined the firm of Wedderburn and Co. as a junior partner during the first decade of the 19th century.


T71/877 Antigua claim no. 331 (Diamond Estate).

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We are grateful to Nancy Marguerite Anderson for her assistance with compiling this entry.

Further Information

Janet Skene Oglivy
Isabella (1811-), James (1813-), Alexander (1814-), Jessy (1816-), David (1817-), George (1819-), William (1821-)

Associated Claims (3)

£1,115 2s 9d
£1,506 11s 2d
Awardee (Owner-in-fee)
£3,870 19s 8d
Awardee (Mortgagee)

Associated Estates (7)

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1832 [EA] - → Trustee and Executor
1832 [EA] - → Trustee and Executor
1832 [EA] - → Trustee and Executor
1832 [EA] - → Trustee and Executor
1832 [EA] - → Trustee and Executor
1832 [EA] - → Trustee and Executor
1832 [EA] - → Trustee and Executor

Legacies Summary

Commercial (2)

Imperial Fire
Other partner
Wedderburn, Webster
West India merchant  

Imperial (1)

Canada: British Columbia including Vancouver Island 
notes →
Seton Lake in British Columbia was named by Alexander Caulfield Anderson after Seton's son Lt. Col. Alexander Seton...

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Business associates
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Business partners
Executor → Testator
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Addresses (2)

Mounie, Aberdeenshire, North-east Scotland, Scotland
20 Dorset Square, London, Middlesex, London, England