Rev. Joseph Herbert Pemberton

10th Sep 1787 - 1870

Claimant or beneficiary


  1. Joseph Herbert Pemberton, adm. Pens. St John’s, eldest son of Joseph Herbert and Margaret, daughter of William Pemberton, born 10 Sept 1787 in Nevis. Charterhouse. Matriculated Michaelmas 1807; BA 1811; ord. Deacon (Ely) 20 April 1811; Priest Ely 22 Nov 1811; Church of Rampton, Cambridgeshire, 1811. Married Sarah Anne Hobson, had issue. Died 19 Sept 1870. Memorial inscription in St George’s, Nevis.

  2. In 1825 Henry Ransford, a plantation manager, wrote of Revd Pemberton: ‘The Parish church called Figtree adjoined the upper end of the estate which I regularly attended, but the clergyman, a man of the name of Pemberton, was a poor stick.’

  3. In 1830 Revd Pemberton was an Assistant Justice in the case against John Walley, manager of Stapleton Estate, who stood accused of having committed ‘several atrocious acts of cruelty’.

  4. Revd Pemberton was Assistant Justice of the Peace on, for instance, 31 April 1831.

  5. On 26 June 1829 Revd Pemberton was present at the Council meeting. Listed as a member since 28 August 1828. Also present at meetings, for instance, 30 September 1838 and 30 June 1839. In 1859 Revd Joseph H Pemberton was a Member of Executive and Legislative Councils and Court of Error. In 1860 also Justice of the Peace. In 1861 he only held Rector and Council posts. In1866 also Member of Asylum Committee.

  6. In the early 1860s Revd Pemberton was assisted by Revd Maynard who visited Nevis for five months because of ill health. Parishioners expressed their appreciation of Maynard’s work while at the same time praising Pemberton’s long service: ‘24 April 1863 An Address of thanks from the inhabitants of the parish of St George’s Gingerland, island of Nevis, to Rev Walter F Maynard, curate of Great Glenham, Wickham, County Suffolk but at present residing at Nevis, for his assistance to their rector, Rev Joseph Herbert Pemberton, during his stay in the island. … We feel our obligation the more when we consider the aid it afforded our worthy Rector the Rev Joseph Herbert Pemberton who has so long and faithfully laboured in this Parish, and still struggles onward in the faith of duty after half a century’s service at the advanced age of fourscore years.’ Signed by Edward Maynard, church warden, and over one hundred parishioners.


We are grateful to Christine Eickelmann for compiling this entry.

  1. Venn, John and Venn, JA (comp) Alumni Cantabrigienses (Cambridge University Press, Cambridge 1924). The memorial inscription reads: 'Sacred to the memory of The Revd Joseph Herbert Pemberton who was born on the 10th September, 1787 and died on the 19th September, 1870 having been Rector of this Parish nearly 60 years. This tablet was erected by his affectionate parishioners' (Caribbeana vol. 2 p. 39).

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Further Information

Name in compensation records
Rev. J.H. Pemberton
Sarah Anne Hobson
Rev. Walter Pemberton (1827-1901) and others
Charterhouse [1803-1805 ]
St John's, Cambridge [1807-1811 ]

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£151 11s 7d
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£760 6s 0d
Awardee (Owner-in-fee)

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