Arthur Roberts Jones

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Owner of Port Antonio estate and lessee of Passley Garden, both in Portland, Jamaica. In his will, written in 1841 and proved in 1843, he left legacies to various women of colour. His residuary legatee was his natural son Arthur Roberts Jones. He also left £200 to Emma Downer, a young woman of colour, daughter of the late Eliza Tyrrell of Port Antonio to settle the account of money left to Emma in the will of her mother, of which Jones was an executor. Eliza Frances, "quadroon" daughter of Arthur Robert Jones and Eliza Tyrrell of Port Antonio was baptised in Portland 06/09/1828.


PROB 11/1978/26.

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PROB 11/1978/26 - precis.

Arthur Roberts Jones of Portland, Surrey, planter.

To my reputed son Arthur Roberts Jones by Sarah Guscott, a woman of colour all my estate both real and personal subject to the payment of the following vizt:

To my housekeeper Sarah Guscott, a brown woman £300 sterling to purchase a piece of land and build her a small house should she prefer it to money.

To Robert Martin Jones a boy of colour by Elizabeth Harrison, a black woman on Passley Garden Estate £100 to be laid out in educating him and the further sum of £50 at age 16 years to commence his engagements in life.

To Emma Downer a young woman of colour, daughter of the late Eliza Tyrrell of Port Antonio £200 as equivalent for monies received on account of her deceased mother to whom I was the only acting executor, the said sum to be in full of my executorship account. My executors to have the will of the late Eliza Tyrrell (which is enclosed with my own) recorded in the Secretary's officec so that the legatee Emma Downer may enjoy the lands in Titchfield stated in the said will.

To Mary McDougall of Port Antonio a woman of colour £100.

To Eliza Miligan also of Port Antonio £100.

To Eliza Harrison a black woman £20 and it is my further will that the said old black woman be allowed by my executors to remain on Passley Garden estate so long as she may wish after my demise rent free.

To Arthur Roberts Newman, son of Thomas N. Roberts of Bermuda, £50.

In case of the death of my son Arthur Roberts Jones prior to his becoming of age or receiving his property the same to the children of Thomas N. Roberts of Bermuda.

John Shey Clachar, John Pugh Jones and Horatio Gascott, all of Portland and St George to be executors.

Signed 12/01/1841.

Administration granted 13/04/1843 for the purpose of making sale of all of the share and interest of the said deceased in the barque or vessel called the Maraboo of London, granted to Archibald Paul, one of the lawful attorneys.

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£594 4s 3d
Awardee (Owner-in-fee)
£19 10s 10d
£48 13s 11d

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1832 [EA] - → Lessee
1817 [EA] - 1834 [LA] → Owner

It's not clear that the ownership of land was continuous. In the mid-1820s Jones appears to have forfeited his property and then bought enslaved people again.

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Testator → Executor
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