James McLean

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Awarded half the compensation for the enslaved people on Milk River and Rigass estates in Vere Jamaica as owner. Identified as of Scotland, but nothing further has been traced of him: he was possibly connected with Thurso, where the Mrs Maclean mentioned by W. Manson in 1836 lived. Conceivably he was the husband or son of this Mrs Maclean.


T71/855 Vere no. 7 James McLean Scotland owner for 1/2.  Letter T71/1606 10/5/1836 from W. Manson writer: estate owned by Mr John Swanson, who died 25 years ago. The estate devolved to two nieces in this country, managed by one of their sons, John Macllean, who went out to Jamaica and died about 18 years ago; since then the estate has been under the management of Alexander Maclean, no accounts of his management have ever been obtained. 2 years ago Manson had sent a power of attorney to Wm Miller, 'but as Mr Miller informed that he intended leaving that country for Britain' his clients [Mrs Maclean of this place [Thurso, Scotland, T71/1593 p. 192 16/5/1836] and Mrs Sutherland Leith] were concerned that Alexander Maclean would claim the compensation.

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James M'Lean

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