Henry Merttins Bird

???? - 1818


London banker and merchant in the South Carolina rice trade. His partnership with Benjamin Savage failed in 1803.

  1. Henry Merttins Bird was among the signatories in 1782 of 'The Humble address and petition of the planters and merchants whose names are hereunto subscribed, on behalf of themselves, and others interested in the British West India Islands: Your petitioners, alarmed by the inefficacy of their former applications to Your Majesty's Ministers, humbly implore Your Majesty to enforce and extend the present assurances they have given us, and to direct, that without delay, reinforcements, naval and military adequate to the permanent defence of Your Majesty's West India Islands, may be sent out, so that by the blessing of Providence, those most valuable possessions may still be preserved for the British Empire.'


  1. 1782 Whitehall Evening Post, London, 3 January, transcribed at http://www.jamaicanfamilysearch.com/Members/1782PetitiontotheKing.htm

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