Patrick Blake of St Kitts and Montserrat

???? - 1745


Originally from County Galloway, Ireland. Son of Peter Blake of Bally Glunin and Cummer (d. 1691) and his wife Sibilla Joyce of County Galloway. Married Mary Ann (1683-1720, surname unknown, only child and heir). Owner of estates in Montserrat (the profits of which he bequeathed for life to his son Andrew) and St Kitts (bequeathed to his residuary legatee and grandson Peter Blake). He bequeathed over £6300 sterling to relatives in Galloway, St Kitts, Montserrat and Antigua, and the interest of £6000 to his daughter Margaret. A son, Martin, predeceased him.


Vere Langford Oliver, The History of the island of Antigua ... from the first settlement in 1635 to the present time (3 vols., London, Mitchell and Hughes, 1894-99), Vol. 1. pp. 52-56; will of Peter Blake, PROB 11/742/385; will of Martin Blake, PROB 11/728/377.

Further Information

Mary Ann
Martin, Andrew, Margaret

PROB 11/742/385 - precis.

Patrick Blake Esquire of St Christophers.

To my brother Mr Nicholas Blake of Ireland, £1000 sterling.

To my daughter-in-law Mrs Margaret Higgins of Kireland, £1000.

To my hinsman Mr Peter Lynch now of St Kitts £1000.

To my nephew Mr Peter Blake of Antigua £600.

To Mrs Jane Kelly £300 sterling and the further sum of £30 St Kitts currency and also a negro woman called Pathena.

To Mr Andrew Lynch Fitzmartin of the town of Galloway in Ireland, merchant, £200 sterling. Also to him the further sum of £30 sterling for the use and to be distributed to the children of Nicholas Lynch Fitzandrews lately of the town of Galloway deceased.

To Rev. Samuel Simcocks, warden of Galloway, £30 sterling to be equally divided betwixt him, his brothers and sisters.

To Andrew and Edmund Blake Esquires of Ireland £100 for the use and benefit of the chidlren of Ulick Burk late of St Kitts deceased.

To the heirs of John French late of Montserrat deceased £30.

To Rev. Mr Stapleton Davis of St Kitts £30 sterling to be paid to him annually for the term of his natural life.

To the children of Anthony Lynch late of Montserrat deceased £30 current money.

To my nephew Martin Blake Esquire of the island of Antigua £500 sterling.

To my kinsman Mr Thomas Caines all the interest on his bonds also £85 lately lent him for which I have taken no obligation.

To my daughter Margaret Blake the interest of my £6000 bank stock to be paid to her yearly for the term of her natural life. After her decease the reversion of the said £6000 to be equally divided amongst my grandchildren at age 21 years. In default then to the children of the said Edmund Blake Esquire of Rasheny[?] in the county of Galloway equally.

To my sister Mrs Margaret Lynch alias Blake of Galloway, £500.

To my nephew Mr Arthur Blake £300.

To my nephew Mr James Lynch £300.

To Francis Blake, son of Mary Raton, my part of the ship St Patrick and also £500.

To Anthony Hodges [Hadges?] Esquire of the City of London merchant £150 current money.

To my son Andrew Blake the rents of my estates in the island of Montserrat for the term of his natural life and afterwards to the heirs of his body lawfully begotten. In default the reversion to go to the heirs male of my nephew Edmund Blake Esquire of Rashem.

I leave the following slaves their freedom: mulatto Peter Phillipe and two negro girls named Marian and Jenny. Also £10 currency to be paid for each of their schooling and maintenance till they attain the age of 15 years.

To the poor of the parish of St Ann Sandy Point £100 current money.

To the poor of the parish of Trinity Palmetto Point £100 current money.

To Mr Dominick Lynch of Montserrat £20 current money.

To Mr Concannon of Montserrat £20 current money.

To Mr Thomas Caines, Charles Laval Molineaux and Mrs Elizabeth Fahie, £20 current money each for mourning.

All rest and residue to my grandson Patrick Blake, eldest son of my son Andrew Blake and the heirs male of his body lawfully begotten. In default to the next heirs male of my said son Andrew. In case he should have any daughters then £2000 sterling to be paid to each of them at age 18 or marriage.

My good friends Dominick Trant, John Willett and George Leigh Esquires and Mr Peter Lynch to be executors and also guardians of the body of my said grandson Patrick Blake.

My grandson not to be put in possession of my estates till he attains the age of 21 years.

Signed 05/03/1743/4.

Codicil dated 05/03/1743/4. In case of the failure of heirs male of my son Andrew Blake and their heirs male then my said estates to the heirs males of my brothers Martin and Nicholas Blake of Ireland. An inventory of my estates to be taken immediately after my decease. To each of my executors £50 sterling to buy them a ring.

Proved at London 24/10/1745.


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