Peter Dupuy Abbott or Abbot

???? - 1823


Slave-owner on Nevis under entail. In an indenture of 30/07/1790, Matthew Abbot of St Kitts, Peter Dupuy Abbot[t] of Barbour Lodge Worcestershire, his wife Margaret and Frances Welch of Great Queen Street widow of John Welch of St Kitts had, in order to destroy the entail, conveyed to James Akers and John Akers his son in trust an estate formerly of Richard Abbot and late of John Duroy named Abbott's Mountain in St Thomas Lowland on Nevis. In 20/07/1792, John Akers, the surviving trustee, contracted to sell the estate and 18 named enslaved people to Stedman Rawlins for £2700. Peter Dupuy Abbott was the beneficiary of an annuity granted by his cousin Isaac Dupuy (q.v.) in the latter's will made in 1820, after Abbott's bankruptcy. His burial record gives him as Peter Duprey Abbott.

  1. Peter Dupuy Abbott of Powis Place, Great Ormond Street, Insurance Broker, Underwriter and Merchant was bankrupt in 1810.


Common Records 1792-1794, British Library, EAP794/1/1/24, pp. 92-99; London, England, Church of England Deaths and Burials, 1813-2003 for Peter Duprey Abbott Camden St George the Martyr, Queen Square 1813-1855.

  1. London Gazette 16438 25 December 1810 p. 2075.

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