Charrington Nicholl

???? - 1905


Brewer of Colchester Essex. Son of Richard Nicholl (q.v.) who had gifted him £5000 in the 1830s, and left him further assets, including (with his brothers Harry and Vincent Nicholl, q.v.) his St Vincent estates, in his will made in 1836 and proved in 1839. Richard Nicholl also lent £5000 on mortgage to Kimber, Gross & Nicholl, the predecessor firm of Charrington Nicholl & Co., a mortgage he left to his son Rev. John Richard Nicholl.

  1. Charrington Nicholl of Bovills Hall, Ardleigh Essex left £118,357 4s 1d on his death in 1905.


Victoria County History of Essex: volume 9: Colchester (1994) pp. 1798-198: ‘… In 1851 there were three maltings at the Hythe, convenient for the import of barley and for the export to London of malt. Kimber, Gross & Nicholl’s, founded in 1830 as a porter brewery behind St. Botolph’s Street, had by 1851 become Charrington Nicholl’s, and had moved to the bottom of East Hill….Charrington Nicholl’s at East Hill remained a family firm supplying its own public houses until it was taken over c. 1920 by Colchester Brewing Co., which in turn in 1925 became part of Ind Coope’s, which merged with Allsopp’s in 1934; the takeovers were designed to accumulate more tied houses rather than more brewing plant. Mallison’s in William’s Walk, a mineral water manufacturing business previously owned by Charrington Nicholl’s, in 1890 produced 1,500 dozen bottles a day using modern plant and had works and stores in other towns in eastern England; by 1914 it was known as Colchester Table Waters Ltd., one of five mineral water manufacturers based in Colchester …’

  1. National Probate Calendar 1905.

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Wealth at death
£118,357 4S 1D

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Bovills Hall, Ardleigh, Essex, South-east England , England