Samuel Newton of Kings Bromley

1695 - 1771


Samuel Newton of Kings Bromley, Staffordshire. Son of John Newton of Kings Bromley who died c. 1706, from whom Samuel inherited Newtons estate in Barbados. On Samuel's death the estate passed to his son, also called John.

  1. Samuel, son of John Newton Esquire and Madam Mary his wife, baptised at Kings Bromley, 03/11/1695.

  2. Samuel Newton Esquire was buried at Kings Bromley, 24/12/1771.


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Further Information

Elizabeth Fowler
John, Sarah, Mary, Elizabeth

PROB 11/975/69 - precis.

Samuel Newton of Kings Bromley, Staffordshire Esquire.

To my beloved wife Elizabeth Newton the use of all my household goods, plate, linen and other furniture, also my coach, chaise, chair, waggons, carts and other carriages and all implements, goods and utensils used in and about my house and buildings I occupy and all my stock of horses and other cattle for her natural life. On her death the same to my executor hereinafter named.

Also to my wife her paraphenalia and all my stock of hay, corn etc in and about Bromley Hall or the lands I occupy for her own use. Also to her all rents and arrears of rent from my efects at the time of her death and all my lands in Staffordshire not already settled upon her for her natural life. My manors, messuages, lands and tenements in Derbyshire chargeable with the payment of my debts and sold if necessary.

Whereas my daughter Elizabeth Newton will be entitled to a third share of £4,000 seccured to my younger children by my marriage settlement, to be paid to her out of my settled estates in Staffordshire. I now wish that her share by paid to her after my decease by the sale of part of my estate in Derbyshire so that my estates in Staffordshire may be exonerated therefrom for the benefit of my wife.

To my daughter Elizabeth Newton such further sum of money as with her third share of the £4,000 shall make up to her full sum of £2,000, such additional sum [ie £667] to be paid to her out of my estates in Derbyshire. Also to her an annuity of yearly sum of £20 from my lands in Derbyshire.

To my three daughters Mary Lamper, Elizabeth Newton and Lady Hot £10 each for mourning.

All residue and remainder to my son John Newton. He to be executor.

Signed 22/12/1766.

Proved at London 08/02/1772.

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Kings Bromley Manor, Kings Bromley, Staffordshire, West Midlands, England