John Tunno

1746 - 1819


London merchant and former American Loyalist. He left £500,000 in 1819. His picaresque career has been the subject of a recent essay by Barbara Bellows, which shows his involvement in intra-american slavetrading and as co-owner in 1804 with his partner Andrew Loughnan and with Sir Francis Baring and Sir Thomas Baring of several plantations in Jamaica, including one of 638 acres in St George's parish. These plantations have not been identified by LBS, but the passage appears to refer to a deed appearing in Caribbeana I and III in which John Willis was a debtor of the Barings and possibly of Tunno and Loughnan concerning the Osborne estate in St George estate owned by the Edgar family, on which Willis had been mortgagee and for which Sir Thomas Baring and Loughnan counterclaimed in the 1830s.


Barbara L. Bellows, 'The worlds of John Tunno: Scottish emigrant, Charleston loyalist, London merchant 1746-1819', in Robert H. Brinkmeyer (ed.) eds. Citizen scholar: essays in honour of Walter Edgar (University of South Carolina, 2016).

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