George Barrow Haynes

1796 - 1825


Partner with Thomas Lee and Nicholas Russell Garner (each of whom q.v.) in a Liverpool/Barbados merchant firm, and son of General Robert Haynes (q.v.), who according to his [General Robert Haynes'] will made in 1841 had given his son George Haynes since deceased some £15,000 in vivo. Genealogical material online not verified by LBS shows George Barrow Haynes reportedly dying at sea in 1825.

  1. Robert Hayne's son [given as George Haynes, but known to have been George Barrow Haynes] was saved from drowning on his arrival at Liverpool as a child in 1805 by an enslaved man named Hamlet.

  2. His widow Ann remarried, to George F. Shepherd in Bridgetown in 1828.

Sources [accessed 10/02/2020].

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  2. Liverpool Mercury 27/06/1828.

We are grateful to Audrey Dewjee for bringing the story of Hamlet's rescue of George [Barrow] Haynes to the attention of LBS and providing the reference to the above article.

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Thomas Lee, Haynes and Company
West India merchant - Barbados  

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