Rev. Thomas Whitehurst of Hitchin

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Administrator in 1775 of the will of his brother John Whitehurst of Roseau Dominica made in 1772 and originally proved 18/02/1773; John Whitehurst had left to his widow Elizabeth all his 'slaves, furniture, plate, ready money and all other my personal estate,' as well as £64 p.a. in interest on £800 he had lent to James Fallon of Dominica (which after her death was to pass to his brother Thomas Whitehurst to be divided between his two sons). Elizabeth Whitehurst's will in turn was proved 08/09/1773 [it was made reportedly in 1763 but this must be an error for 1773, since it described her as a widow]: she was of Knightsbridge but late of Dominica when she made the will, which left personal items to a network of friends and relatives and the bulk of her estate to Mary, daughter of Alexander Ochterlony of Dominica.


PROB 11/985/197; will of Elizabeth Whitehurst [formerly of Dominica now residing at] St Margaret Westminster proved 08/09/1773 PROB 11/991/66. Rev. Thomas Whitehurst was one of her executors.

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Hitchin, Hertfordshire, South-east England, England