John Francis Byrne

???? - 1858


Army officer, nephew and heir of his uncles John Francis Crawford and Charles Crawford 'Earl of Crawford' (q.v.), slave-owners in Antigua and in the case of Charles Crawford an anti-slavery polemicist who mandated the emancipation of his enslaved people in his will. John Francis Byrne himself was author of a free trade pamphlet, Four Letters on the Corn Laws addressed to Rt Hon. Sir Robert Peel (London, E. Palmer & Son, n.d. but 1841).

  1. John Francis Byrne died at Ringwood 25/08/1858 leaving £8000 (re-sworn in 1859 from £200).


  1. National Probate Calendar 1858.

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Four letters on the Corn Laws addressed to Rt Hon. Sir Robert... 1841 

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Nephew → Uncle
Nephew → Uncle

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Ringwood, Hampshire, Wessex, England