John Daly jun. of Demerara

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Shown as owner of Schoon Ord in 1798. David Alston carries some detail on him, including the report in the Essequibo and Demerary Gazette 21/02/1807 of his arrival in Demerara with his 'daughter-in-law' Miss St Felix - this is likely to have been his step-daughter Anna B. St Felix (q.v.). To date no death-date or will has been found for him.

  1. John Osborn St Felix ('otherwise John') Daly who died formerly of 1 Albion Road but late of 12 Loudoun Road leaving £2000 in 1871 aged 71 was presumably the son - conceivably step-son - of John Daly jun.


David Alston, 'Slaves and Highlanders', Irish Planters and Merchants: Daly. 'John Daly jnr, possibly one of Michael's sons, was in Demerara from c1783 and later owned plantations Schoon Oord and Egipe. By the late 1790s he was regarded as one of ‘the principal proprietors of land in Demerara’ and had an annual income of between £20,000 and £30,000. In 1798 he presented a memorial to the government in London in which he proposed the creation of a force of ‘disciplined mulattoes’ to protect the colony. In 1799 [Close Roll, 40 Geo. IIL, Part 3, No. 5] he was living at Cobbins in Essex but returned to Demerara in 1807, with his daughter-in-law Miss St Felix', [accessed 04/10//2018]. David Alston's preliminary identification of John Daly jun. as the son of Michael Daly is supported by his information that Michael Daly (d. before 1786) owned Bellevue on the West Coast of Demerary, an estate held by J.Daly jun. in 1798.

  1. National Probate Calendar 1871.

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1798 [EA] - 1798 [LA] → Owner

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Cobbins, Waltham Abbey, Essex, South-east England, England
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Shown as of Cobbins as of July 1802