John Pedder

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Merchant of Bristol, bankrupt c. 1778, with mortgages over unspecified estates [and enslaved people] on Tobago. His assignees as mortgagees-in-possession sought approval to dispose of the estates in 1786. He was probably the same man as the grandfather of Sir John Lewes Pedder, the son-in-law of Thomas Cooper Everitt (q.v.).

  1. 'John Pedder (d. 1791) was listed as a ‘Merchant, 6, Chatham-place, Blackfriars’ and agent ‘For Bristol’ of the Committee of the African Company. The Universal British Directory (London, 1791), pp. 250, 350.'

  2. The will of John Pedder of Chatham Place Blackfriars made in 1789 was proved 17/08/1791. The will is silent on 'slave-property'. The executors were John Fisher Weare (q.v.) and Thomas Daniel the younger (q.v.), suggesting that this was the same man as the Bristol merchant.


London Gazette 12725 11 February 1786 p. 67.

  1. Jacqueline Fox, CONSTRUCTING A COLONIAL CHIEF JUSTICE: JOHN LEWES PEDDER IN VAN DIEMEN’S LAND, 1824-1854 (unpublished PhD Thesis, University of Tasmania, 2012), p. 24.

  2. PROB 11/1208/128.

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