Elizabeth Gilbert (née Lavington)

???? - 1777


  1. Administration of the will of Elizabeth Gilbert widow of Antigua [made in 1774] was granted 05/01/1789 to Rev. Nathaniel Gilbert [the younger]. She was, she said, entitled to £1000 under a deed of gift by her brother Stephen Lavington when he made over his estates to James Brebner, payable on the death of Jane Lavington, Stephen Lavington's widow: her husband had pledged her interest in this legacy to James Brebner for money borrowed from him, but she left whatever remained of it to her daughters Euphemia, Ann and Elizabeth an her son William. She was entitled to a further £1000 gifted by Stephen Lavington to their brother Samuel Lavington of South Carolina in the case that Samuel predeceased Jane Lavington [as he had done], and she left this all to her four younger children with the proviso that if her eldest son Nathaniel was deprived of his paternal inheritance and be left destitute then he should share in the legacy.


  1. PROB 11/1174/23

Further Information

Maiden Name
Rev. Nathaniel Gilbert
Euphemia; Ann; Elizabeth; Nathaniel; William

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