William Murray the elder of Latium

???? - 1777


Apparently co-owner of Latium and the enslaved people upon it in St James, Jamaica in 1775 when he and Walter Murray (q.v., under Walter Murray the elder) sold an annuity secured on the estate. Died in 1777.

  1. In 1815, sale by order of Chancery in Bruce v Kinloch of annuity of £100 p.a. granted in 1775 by Wm and Walter Murray, both decd., secured on Latium and Garland Grove, payable on lives of Francis Newton decd. and Elizabeth Young, spinster [now Bruce widow]. 'Mrs Bruce, the surviving life, is a widow lady residing at Edinburgh [Scotland], of the age of 61 years, and in good health.'

  2. 1777, Dec. William Murray, Esq; at Garland-grove, in the parish of St. James, in Kingston, Jamaica.


  1. Times 01/07/1815 p. 2.

  2. Caribbeana III (from Gentleman's Magazine 1778).

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