William Russ Whyting

1753 - 1831


Joint-owner or mortgagee-in-possession with Daniel Carpenter of Providence Pen in Jamaica between 1793 and 1807. Despite his unusual name, LBS has traced very little of him.

  1. Will of William Russ Whyting of Richmond Surrey proved 07/05/1831. The will is 5 lines long and leaves his estate in trust to Coutts for his children by Elizabeth Jetter [Della or Deller?], subject to an annuity of £100 p.a. to her.

  2. A William Russ Whyting had resigned as a member of the Yeomen of the Guard in 1831. A man of the same name died at the Priory Noak Hill in Essex in 1859, leaving £3000.


  1. PROB 11/1786/37

  2. London Gazette 18784 15 March 1831 p. 494; National Probate Calendar 1860.

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1793 [EA] - 1807 [LA] → Joint owner

Shown for 1798-1799 as mortgagee-in-possession

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Business associates
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The two men were joint owners, probably as mortgagees-in-possession, of Providence Pen in...

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Ormond Row, Richmond, Surrey, South-east England, England