Oldfield Bowles

???? - 1810


Son and heir of Charles Bowles (q.v.). Shown as connected in 1787 with the Wakefield estate in St John, which had belonged to his father, but in what capacity is unclear. The will of Oldfield Bowles of North Aston Oxfordshire proved 17/12/1810 is silent on Jamaica property, although one of his trustees was the London West India merchant Henry Davidson.

  1. Details in Caribbeana Vol. VI 'Bowles of Jamaica' suggest that Charles Bowles had leased the estate to W. Harvie in 1766 and that in 1787 there was an accounting with Sir Alexander Grant and W. Harvie : 'A list and valuation of the slaves, cattle, buildings, etc., upon the Wakefield plantation taken 22 Jan. 1787. There are now 115 negroes valued at £6,625, 83 cattle £1,178, 12 mules £60 and buildings £1,500. Total £9,363. In 1766 there were Old plants 80 acres, first ratoons 80 acres, young plants 75 acres. A long letter follows signed by George Cuthbert and James Campbell, who are the appraisers appointed by Ralph Fisher, esq., one of the administrators of the estate of Charles Bowles, deceased, and Ralph Fisher and James Robertson, esq., are two of the attornies of Oldfield Bowles of G.B., esq., son and heir of the said Charles Bowles, recites bond of £14,000 from Sir Alex. Grant and William Harvie deceased to Charles Bowles for performance of a lease of Wakefield plantation in the parishes of St. Thomas in the Vale and St. John from C. B. to W. Harvie dated 21 Jan. 1766. Present value £9,363 c., original value in 1766 £14,079 c., the deficiency being £4,716, and for deficiency of canes £687 is due. Total £5,403. (Brit. Museum Add. MS. 19,049, fo. 9.).' Charles Bowles was the grandson of Sir Charles Modyford of Jamaica.

  2. Oldfield Bowles, son of Charles Bowles, Esq., of North Aston (d. 1780) and Jane nee Clarke (widow of Martin Fellowes). Married [1] Gertrude, daughter of Sir Richard Bamfylde, baronet [2] Mary, daughter of Sir Abraham Isaac Elton, baronet, of Clivedon Court, Somerset. Eight daughters and one son by his second wife.

  3. An account of real and personal estates of Chas. Bowles in Berks, Middx, Kent, Surrey & Jamaica is held at the Somerset Heritage Centre.


PROB 11/1517/369.

  1. Caribbeana Vol. VI 'Bowles of Jamaica'.

  2. Thomas M. Farquhar, The History of the Bowles Family (Philadelphia, 1907) pp. 68-69.

  3. DD\EN/115.

Further Information

[1] Gertrude Bamfylde [2] Mary Elton
Charles Oldfield, Jane, Mary, Anne, Emma, Elizabeth, Lucy, Laura Gertrude, Frances
Oxford (Queen's) [1758-1763 ]

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Account filed by John Jacques one of the attornies of Oldfield Bowles

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North Aston Hall, North Aston, Oxfordshire, Central England, England