Alexander Farquharson

???? - 1821


Jamaica slave-owner, co-owner with Alexander Glennie (q.v.), almost certainly his cousin, of Job's Hill in St Mary Jamaica until his death in 1821.

  1. 21 [September 1821] in the island of Jamaica [death of] Alexander Farquharson Esq. of Jobshill.


Genealogical sites e.g. carry a reference to an inventory dated 1838 'Farquharson Alexander 07/11/1838 late in Belnaglack in the parish of Glenbucket, sometime in Jobshill in the island of Jamaica, Aberdeen Sheriff Court Inventories SC1/36/15.' It is not clear how this man was connected to the owner of Job's Hill dying in 1821.

  1. Blackwoods March 1822 p. 382.

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1815 [EA] - 1820 [LA] → Owner
1823 [EA] - → Previous owner

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Probably also cousins: they were described as the nephews of Alex. Ritchie in a memorial to Ritchie in Kingston Cathedral. The Jobshill estate was registered to 'Glennie and Farquharson', probably...