John Waters

???? - 1834


Owner of Castlemine and Montmorency in St Mary, Jamaica. Live in 1829 but deceased in 1834.

  1. Will of John Waters of St Mary Jamaica [made in 1834] proved 25/06/1835. In the will he instructed his executors to sell his property and remit the proceeds to Scotland to be divided among his siblings [identified later in the will as David, Benjamin, James, William, George and Margaret after effecting a series of provisions for his 'natural' family in Jamaica: he ordered the manumission of two enslaved people, John Colquhoun and Margaret Walker [the latter identified later in the will as the mother of two of John Waters' two 'reputed natural mulatto children', viz. John Waters and James Waters]; the legacy to Margaret Walker for life of an enslaved woman name Helen Thomas, and then to Margaret Walker's son John Waters; and the legacy to each of John Waters and James Waters their freedom immediately after the testator's decease, three acres of on his land of Castlemine 'adjoining the late Miss Sheriff's land', with a house to be built for each costing less than £30 each, and two named enslaved people each, Maria Stephens and Katherine Stephens to the younger John Waters, and Thomas Stephens and Laetitia Stephen to James Waters. He left his housekeeper Charlotte Sutherland 10 acres of land on the boundary of Castlemine, with a house to be built again for less than £30, and £200, and £4000 to his natural son George Sutherland Waters. His residuary heirs were his siblings, implicitly all in Scotland, probably at Wick, Caithness, whose minister of the gospel Rev. Robert Phin [?] was made one of the guardians to John Waters' son George.


  1. PROB 11/1848/453

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