Thomas Hinde

???? - 1829


Slave-trader of Liverpool, from a slave-trading dynasty including his father also named Thomas (d. 1799). His children were shown as the devisees of his brother John Hinde (q.v.) in the Slave Registers from 1817 (John Hinde had previously been the owner of Coldspring in St Mary, Jamaica). The family established a worsted mill at Dolphinholme in 1795, in which Thomas Hinde was a partner. He was bankrupt c. 1811.


Melinda Elder 'The Liverpool Slave Trade, Lancaster and its Environs', in D. Richardson, S. Schwarz and A. Tibbles, Liverpool and Transatlantic Slavery (2007) p. 121; London Gazette 16465 19 March 1811 p. 537.

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Liverpool, Lancashire, North-west England, England