John Henderson of Dominica

???? - 1811


  1. Will of John Henderson [formerly of the island of Dominica] planter [but at present residing in London being about to return to the West Indies] [made 15/02/1810] proved 19/10/1812. Under the will, he left to his three natural sons Alexander, William and Arthur, the children of Betty a 'mulatto woman belonging to Canefield estate' one half of his property 'in slaves and money owing to me in that island' and one half of his money in the funds in Great Britain then under the name of Benj. Aislabie. The other half of his real estate was to support his debts, the manumission of the three boys and annuities of £33 currency to their mother and to another natural son Tom, the son of Frances, formerly belonging to Castle Bruce estate. He left the other half of his personalty to his cousin Alexander Watson, then manager of Woodbridge estate, subject to an annuity of £20 p.a. to his old mother-in-law Agnes Henderson then residing with Thomas Laing at Haddo, Aberdeenshire.


  1. PROB 11/1537/470.

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