Robert Houstoun known as Robert Houstoun Rae

15th Oct 1749 - 1828


Formerly a Glasgow merchant, partner in the failed McDowall firm, then of London and lastly of Carshalton.

  1. Alexander Houstoun and Elizabeth Rae had a lawful son, Robert, born 15/10/1749 "near 8 at night" and baptised in Glasgow 02/11/1749. Multiple newspapers carried reports of a robbery at Robert Houstoun's house in Carshalton in June 1827, describing Houstoun as "in a very ill state of health" at the time. Robert Houstoun was buried in Carshalton 06/02/1828 age 78 years.

  2. Will of Robert Houstoun having frequently assumed and used and been called by the name of Robert Houstoun Rae, of Carshalton [made in 1826], proved 16/02/1828. Under the will he left £12000 in trust [the trustees included his nephew Col. Robert Houstoun of the East India Co.], for the life of his son Robert Rae Houstoun (to whom he also left his Canefields estate on St Kitts), then to Robert Rae Houstoun's wife for life, then to their children, then to his [the testator's] two other children Elizabeth and Alexander. Robert Rae Houstoun the son died in August 1829. The will of his father Robert Houstoun was the subject of Houstoun v Houstoun in 1831.


A notice to creditors of Robert Houstoun otherwise Robert Houstoun Rae formerly of Glasgow ties the Glaswegian merchant to the testator of Carshalton in 1828, London Gazette 18586 p. 1141.

  1. GROS OPR Births 644/1 120 193 Glasgow; newspaper reports of the robery, for example, The Globe 30/06/1827;, Surrey Burials [database online].

  2. PROB 11/1736/330; Condensed Reports of Cases decided in the High Court of Chancery (1834) Vol. VI.

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Married but no further details
Robert Rae; Alexander; Elizabeth

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1822 [EA] - 1825 [LA] → Owner

Shown as Canefield in the 1822 Slave Register, which is consistent with the will [made in 1826, proved in 1828] of Robert Houstoun otherwise Robert Houstoun Rae, under which he bequeathed the estate to his son Robert Rae Houstoun.

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Alexander Houstoun & Co.
West India merchant  

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Carshalton, Surrey, South-east England, England