Jonas Langford

???? - 1758


Major slave-owner in Antigua, dying in England c. 1758. His left his estates to his infant grandson Peter Langford Brooke (1757-1766), and they passed in turn to Jonas Langford's great-grandson Peter Langford Brooke (q.v.).

  1. Will of Jonas Langford [late of the island of Antigua] but now residing at] Theobalds Hertfordshire proved 01/06/1758. Under the will, 'having no son', he left his property in Antigua, including enslaved people, in trust for his infant grandson Peter Langford Brooke, the son of his eldest daughter Elizabeth, and then to her other sons. He left £10,000 each to his younger daughters Jane, Mary, Barbara, Isabella and Grace. He made a long series of monetary legacies to family and friends conditional on there being no damage over £10,000 to his Antiguan estates by enemy action or insurrection ('which God forbid').

  2. The eldest son Peter Langford Brooke (b. 1757) named in the will of Jonas Langford died in 1766; the second son Jonas died c. 1784; and the estates passed to the third son Thomas Langford Brooke(1769-1815), the father of Peter (1793-1840) and Thomas Langford Brooke 1794-1848).


  1. PROB 11/838/275.

  2. Vere Langford Oliver, History of Antigua Vol. II p. 142.

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Jonas Langford was the great grandfather of Thomas Langford Brooke....
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Jonas Langford had died by the time John Collins married Jane Langford...
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Great-grandfather and great-grandson. In his will proved in 1758 Jonas Langford had left his extensive slave-property in Antigua to his grandson, the son of his eldest daughter Elizabeth and her...
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