Mary Ann Cowper

1776 - 1856


Given variously as Mary Ann Couper and Mary Ann Cooper, and the daughter of Basil Cowper (q.v.). Not further traced to date by LBS: her sister was married to John McQueen who reportedly died at Savannah in 1822.


Mackay and Stiles papers, at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; a summary of work by Alisha M. Cromwell at University of Georgia in her thesis 'Complicating the Patriarchy: Elite and Enslaved Women in the 19th Century Atlantic World' suggests that Mary Anne Cowper was active in Savannah as well as (and possibly instead of) Jamaica), [accessed 11/10/2019].

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Associated Estates (3)

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1820 [EA] - → Other

Joint seller of 68 enslaved people to this estate.

1820 [EA] - → Other

Apparently previously joint owner of enslaved people sold to a new owner of this estate.

1817 [EA] - → Joint owner

Relationships (3)

Daughter → Father
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Inferred by LBS, and confirmed by the Mackay and Stiles papers at the University of North...
Sister-in-law → Brother-in-law