Beeston Long senior

1710 - 1785


London West India merchant, partner in Drake & Long, father of Beeston Long jun., Sir Charles Long 1st Baron Farnborough, Jane Long, Samuel Long and Rev. William Long. This branch of the family appears to have had significant mercantile connections with the West Indies and the firm of Long, Drake & Long held estates and enslaved people as mortgagees-in-possession in the 1780s, but family members do not appear to have held estates or enslaved people directly outside the framework of the firm, other than Jane Long's inheritance of a life-interest in Norbrook and the enslaved people attached to it from her husband Charles Long of Saxmundham (q.v.).

  1. Will of Beeston Long of London proved 28/01/1785. Among other provisions, he left £20,000 to his eldest son Samuel, and £16,000 each to five other children (Jane, Beeston, Susanna, William and Charles, to whom he left an additional £3,000 on the grounds that he had not advanced anything for Charles' establishment).


  1. PROB 11/1125/323.

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1766 [EA] - 1766 [LA] → Mortgage Holder
1766 [EA] - 1766 [LA] → Mortgage Holder
1783 [EA] - 1785 [LA] → Mortgagee-in-Possession

Long, Drake & Long were shown by name as mortgagees-in-possession from 1786 onwards but are identifiable as the mortgagee-in-possession as early as 1783.

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Carshalton Park [Built] 
description →
Beeston Long built up an estate at Carshalton Park between 1755 and his death in 1785; he and/or his son Samuel Long of Carshalton Park (q.v.) rebuilt the house there, which was demolished c. 1822....
notes →
'Samuel Long's House, a lost Carshalton Mansion', Duncan Hawkins, Andrew Skelton with contributions by Mark Bagwell and Jon Lowe London Archaeologist Spring 2004 pp....

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Father → Son
Father → Son
Father → Son
Son → Father
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Also father-in-law and son-in-law. Beeston Long's daughter Jane married her first cousin Charles Long of...
Father → Son
Uncle → Nephew
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Beeston Long was the half-brother of Edward Long's father...
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Also business...
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Carshalton Park, Carshalton, Surrey, South-east England, England