Finlay Nicholson

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  1. Slave-owner on Nevis, apparently resident and apparently dying in the mid-1820s. The will of an earlier Finlay Nicholson of Nevis was made 27/09/1781 and included a son Finlay as his co-heir.

  2. There is a grave record of an ‘Eliza Nicholson wife of Finlay Nicholson of the Isle of Nevis, West Indies, died 23 July age 36’ in the records of St John at Hackney (Hackney Archives).


  1. Wills 1763-1787, British Library, EAP794/1/5/1, Wills, pp. 577-8.

  2. Hackney Archives: H/E/75/9 (shelf CW/64) for the map and H/E/75/1-8 (shelf AT/19-20) for the indexes. We are grateful to Susan Doe for this reference.

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Finlay [Jr ], Garvey, Laurence, Ann

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