Jacob Kladen the elder

???? - 1787


Resident slave-owner on St Vincent, probably the same man as the 'Kladen' shown as the original purchaser of Lot no. 6 (137 acres) which with another Lot became Petit Bordell.

  1. Administration of the will of Jacob Kladen otherwise Claden of the Island of St Vincent [made in 1772 and attested in 1787] granted 06/12/1791 to Michael White the younger of Montserrat, the residuary devisee, the Hon. Michael White and another executor having died. Under the will Kladen left to his 'mulatto son' William Kladen 'my negro girl called Cuba' for six years after his death, when she was to be freed. He also left William if he reached 21 the eight 'negroe and other slaves called by the several names of Nanny Kladen[,] Joanny and her son Simon[,] a mulatto cooper called Harry[,] Toby, Jacob Pen John and Tom Kladen and the issue and increase of the said female slaves.' He wanted Toby and Jacob to be bound to the trade of carpenter, and the other six to remain on his estate, and the rent from them to support his son William. He left £100 to Michael White of Montserrat for the freedom of an enslaved female called Bella White: when freed, Bella White was to be given another enslaved 'negro girl' called Angel, and if she were not freed Angel was left to William Kladen. Jacob Kladen left his unnamed estate to Michael White, second son of the aforesaid Michael White, or if he died to Robert White, third son of Michael White of Montserrat.


Charles Shephard An historical account of the Island of St Vincent Appendix XX.

  1. PROB 11/1212/70.

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- 1791 [LA] → Owner

Kladen was the original purchaser of Lot No. 6 (137 acres) which with Lot No. 7 (65 acres, originally purchased by Poor Settlers) became Petit Bordell. Jacob Kladen the elder in his will left an unnamed estate on St Vincent to Michael White [son of Michael White of Montserrat] as his residuary heir: Michael White appeared in the Slave Registers as the owner of Petit Bordelle and Sharpe's between 1817 and 1834.

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