Hugh Kirkpatrick Hall

18th Apr 1749 - 27th Jan 1788


Eldest son of Thomas Hall (1725-1772) and his wife Mary. Born at Kirkpatrick estate in Westmoreland, 18/04/1749. Inherited the entailed estates of Tryall and Irwin in St James, Jamaica, in trust. Died 27/01/1788. His wife Martha, daughter of Marsden Kenyon Esquire of Manchester, predeceased him age 26 in 1780. His son, Thomas Kirkpatrick Hall, was born 09/04/1776 in London. Died 27/01/1788 in Bowdon, Cheshire.


Hall Family Papers and Sugar Plantation Records, 1709 - 1892 at [accessed 13/10/2015].

Further Information

Martha Kenyon
Thomas Kirkpatrick, John

PROB 11/1163/280 - precis.

Hugh Kirkpatrick Hall of Over Tabley in Cheshire.

Will made 25/12/1780.

All my jewels, and household goods to my dear wife Martha Hall. I confirm my marriage settlement.

I have not yet paid into the hands of John Reunion Esquire and John Dawes Esquire, two of the trustees therein named the sum of £10,000 covenanted to be paid for the augmentation of the jointure of my said wife and the fortunes of my younger children. My estate or plantation purchased from Mr Finlator in St James, Jamaica, and all the enslaved people on Tryall and Irwin estates purchased since my father's decease [and hence not entailed] to my brother Thomas Hall, my brother-in-law Robert Reunion and my good friends Thomas Smith and Charles Caldwell, both of Liverpool, upon trust for the several uses hereinafter given. (1) Trustees to raise the sum of £10,000 to pay to John Reunion and John Dawes as per the terms of my marriage settlement. (2) Trustees then to pay off my debts. (3) An annuity of £40 p/a to Elizabeth Hall, supposed to be a natural daughter of my late father by Elizabeth Gregory spinster, now Elizabeth Garland, until Elizabeth Hall reaches the age of 21 years or marriage, at which point £500 to her.

My estate purchased from Mr Finlater, and my other lands and property in trust for the person who is entitled to Irwin and Tryall estates under the will of my late father.

My estate and plantation called Lilliput in St James to my brother Thomas Hall, my brother-in-law Robert Reunion, Thomas Smith and Charles Caldwell in trust for the following uses. (1) to pay the previously mentioned £10,000 if the earlier trust cannot meet it all. (2) To pay my debts. (3) To the use of my son John Hall.

[A further £10,000 under the terms of my father's will, and the £10,000 mentioned earlier, for the use of my wife and to be divided between my younger children in equal portions at age 21 or marriage.]

My wife and John Reunion to be executors and guardians of my children.

Codicil dated 09/01/1788.

Lately of Over Tabley but now of Ashley in Cheshire. I revoke the legacy and annuity to Elizabeth Hall as I have already paid and secured the annuity or legacy.

All the jewels that were my last wife's to my daughter Harriot Hall. My sister-in-law Elizabeth Kenyon shall continue to reside in the house where I now live or take a house in or near Liverpool as a home for my children during their minorities. Lilliput still to my son John Hall in trust. My other plantation purchased from Mr Finlater in trust: the £10,000 raised from it to pay the following annuities: £400 sterling to my sister-in-law for her natural life as a reward for the affectionate regard and attention which she hath at all times shewn unto me and my children and in full confidence that no endeavours in her power will be wanting to promote their interest or happiness. This annuity to her brother Robert Kenyon should Elizabeth Kenyon predecease him. To my servants Daniel Bull, Molly Taylor and Mary Kirk an annuity of £40 p/a each.

To my friend James Bartlett an annuity of £40 p/a as a reward for the services he has done me.

To my godson James Lawrence £100, and having already made more ample provision for this brother Charles I only direct my executors to defray the expenses of his boarding, clothing and education at Macclesfield School for 1 year after my decease. [Other small legacies.] Residue in trust for my son Thomas Hall.

Proved in London 27/03/1788 by Thomas Hall, Thomas Smyth and Charles Caldwell.

Associated Estates (3)

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1772 [SY] - 27/01/1788 [ED] → Tenant-for-life
1774 [EA] - 27/01/1788 [ED] → Owner
1772 [SY] - 27/01/1788 [ED] → Tenant-for-life

Relationships (6)

Father → Son
Son → Father
Father → Son
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This is a relationship reconstructed by LBS: the UC San Diego Hall Papers guide shows John Hall the owner of Hall Head as the nephew of Hugh Kirkpatrick Hall, but the evidence including the will of...
Grandson → Grandfather

Addresses (2)

Over Tabley, Knutsford, Cheshire, North-west England, England
Ashley, Altrincham (near), Cheshire, North-west England, England