Caroline Walrond (née Codrington)

???? - 1833


Daughter of Edward Codrington, widow of Joseph Lyons Walrond (q.v.), mother of Bethell Walrond (q.v) and sister of Christopher Bethell Codrington and Admiral Sir Edward Codrington (each of whom q.v.). A part interest in the Rooms estate on Antigua came to her son from her family. She burned to death in an accident at Lasborough Park Gloucestershire in 1833.

  1. Will of Caroline Walrond widow of Lasborough House proved 09/07/1836. Despite the level of annuity due to her under her husband's will from 1815 onwards, she left a few specific personal items and monetary legacies, and no real estate. By inference, she was renting Lasborough House (also known as Lasborough Park), a James Wyatt mansion built in the late 18th century.


Vere Langford Oliver, History of Antigua Vol. III pp.180 and 182.

  1. PROB 11/1865/94.

Further Information

Maiden Name
Joseph Lyons Walrond
Lyons, Bethell

Associated Estates (3)

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1815 [SY] - 1824 [LA] → Executrix

Co-Executrix, co-trustee and annuitant under the will of her husband Joseph Lyons Walrond. She gives way in the Slave Registers to her son Bethell Codrington after the 1824 Registration, presumably because he had reached his majority by 1828.

1815 [SY] - 1833 [EY] → Annuitant
1797 [SY] - 1833 [EY] → Joint owner

Part-ownership inherited from

Relationships (9)

Sister → Brother
Niece → Uncle
Notes →
Caroline Walrond ne Codrignton was co-heir of her uncle Christopher Bethell ne Codrington with her brothers, Admiral Edward Codrington and William John Bethell (ne...
Sister → Brother
Sister → Brother
Sister → Brother
Niece → Uncle
Daughter → Father
Widow → Deceased Husband
Mother → Son