Thomas Hibbert senior

1710 - 1780


Son of Robert Hibbert (1684-1762) and his wife Margaret Tetlow Mills. Arrived in Jamaica age 24 in 1734 and became a slave factor. Built Hibbert House in Kingston in 1755. Bought Agualta Vale in St Mary in 1769 which he bequeathed to his three nephews Thomas (1744-1819), Robert (1750-1835) and Thomas (1761-1807) as tenants in common.

Thomas Hibbert contributed £50 to the University of Pennsylvania following Dr John Morgan's fundraising tour of the West Indies in 1772-1773.


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Further Information

Jane Harry, Margaret Harry and Charlotte Harry

From Caribbeana vol. 4 p. 193.

Thomas Hibbert the eldest of the town and parish of Kingston, Jamaica, Esq. Will dated 8 Jan. 1780, and of my age this day 70 yeare. To be buried in the deep vault I have provided in the garden belonging to my house in Kingston. I confirm unto Charity Harry my housekeeper, and to Jane Harry her dau., now in London, the provision I made for them by a deed executed in London 27 Feb. 1771, and left in the care of Nathan Sprigg, Esq., of Barnes, since deceased. To each of my brothers in G. B. and my sister-in-law, Abigail, wife of my brother Robert H. of Manchester, and my brother-in-law Nath. Phillips, husband. of my sister Eliz., mourning and a ring. My sugar works and pen lands in the parishes of St. Mary and St George which lye contiguous and all other lily real estate and slaves to the use of my 3 nephews Thomas H. the Elder and Robert H. of this Island, sons of my brother Rob. H. of Manchester, and Thomas H. the Younger son of my late brother John of this Island, deceased at 21, as tenants in common, and all residue of my personal estate, and to be Ex'ors. Witnessed by John Cosens, John Drysdale, Thomas Collison. Sworn 1 June 1780. Proved 10 June 1780. Recorded in Libro of Wills 46, fo. 119.

Slave trader and plantation owner

Associated Estates (5)

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1769 [SY] - 1780 [EY] → Owner
1769 [SY] - 1780 [EY] → Owner
1758 [EA] - 1761 [LA] → Sequestrator
1759 [EA] - 1771 [LA] → Attorney

Attorney 1759-1761 and then 'trustee and factor', possibly as creditor

1774 [EA] - 1775 [LA] → Attorney

Legacies Summary

Commercial (1)

Name partner
Hibbert & Sprigg
Slave Factors  

Cultural (1)

University of Pennsylvania...... 
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C. S. Graubard, 'Documenting the University of Pennsylvania's Connection to Slavery (2018) via [accessed...

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Uncle → Nephew
Business partners
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Partner in Hibbert and Spriggs [sic] of Kingston 1752-1753...
Uncle → Nephew
Uncle → Nephew
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Also business partners as...