Thomas Bainbridge junior

27th Sep 1771 - 9th Sep 1826


One of the heirs of Thomas Bainbridge senior (q.v.) who died before 1782.

  1. Thomas Bainbridge, son of Thomas Bainbridge and his wife Sarah, born 27/09/1771 and baptised 01/01/1772 in St Ann, Jamaica. Thomas Bainbridge jun. had a long-term relationship and several children with Grace Bolt. He died in 1826, en route to England.

  2. The effects of Thomas Bainbridge of Jamaica Esquire were sworn by his executors under £25,000.


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Further Information

[with Grace Bolt] Richard, Samuel, Thomas, James, Eliza, Ann

PROB 11/1717/327 - precis.

Thomas Bainbridge of St Ann, Jamaica.

To each of my four sons Richard, Samuel, Thomas and James, by childen born of the body of Grace Holt of St Ann, £3,000 sterling. £1,000 of which to be paid in two months of my decease; £1,000 twelve months after my decease; and £1,000 twenty-hour months after my decease or at any future time my sons may demand it be paid to them.

To my two daughters Eliza and Ann, my children born of Grace Bolt, share and share alike my £6,300 Navy four per cent annuities. I also leave £1,000 sterling to each of my daughters to be paid to them on marriage.

In the meantime my executors to pay each of my daughters £74 sterling annually until their marriages may take place.

My property real or personal in Jamaica to be sold (except my Negro Boy named George and all the proceeds to be remitted by them to my trustees in Great Britain.

To Grace Bolt I leave my lot of land No. 3 in the Newtown of St Ann adjoining West Wardly on Miss Cunningham's half lot No. 2, also all my wearing apparel, plate, house linen and household furniture together with £50 Jamaican currency for the term of her natural life and also the use of my dwelling house on St Ann's Bay called the Green House during her life, also my Negro Boy George for her life and I then leave him free. All provided the said Grace Bolt shal not alter her condition by marriage or cohabitation before or after my decease and in case of either of these events it is then my will that all my bequests to her shall be null and void.

The rest of my estate to my six children share and share alike.

My sons Richard Bainbridge MD and Samuel Bainbridge, also my friends John Higgin of London and his two sons Isaac Higgin and Thomas Winder Higgin trustees and executors. To act in Jamaica only Robert Burford and James Phillips Utten and Mr James Hobson to be executors.

Signed 05/07/1825.

Codicil dated 18/07/1826. James Hobson having died I appoint Joseph Charles Clarke Esquire, merchant of Kingston to be my executor in Jamaica with Robert Robertson of St Ann and I request their kindness and protection to Miss Bolt in case any person may attempt to take advantage of her either in property or personally.

On board the ship Golden Spring, Captain Pritchard late Captain Spencer at sea August 1826. This I proclaim to be a codicil. I revoke my bequest to my daughter Eliza of half of my four per cent Navy stock or annuities and I give the whole thereof say £6,300 to my daughter Ann on the same conditions as the half. In lieu of half of my said stock I give to my daughter Eliza £4,000 sterling. Also to my sons Samuel and James £1,000 sterling in addition to my earlier bequests.

Sworn 14/10/1826. Thomas Bainbridge died on his passage to England on board the Golden Spring ship on 09/09/1826. Richard Bainbridge of Runcorn in Cheshire, doctor of medicine.

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1782 [EA] - 1793 [LA] → Trust beneficiary
1817 [EA] - → Executor

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