Mary Osborn formerly Packwood

???? - 1810


Widow of Thomas Osborn of Demerara.

  1. Will of Mrs Mary Packwood widow of Thomas Osborn of Demerara proved 13/03/1811. The will was originally made 15/10/1793, and left a pre-legacy of 6000 guilders to her second daughter Anna and then her estate equally between her children John, Maria, Anna, Thomas, Anthony, Richard, William and Joseph Osborn as her universal heirs and legatees share and share alike, with the immovable estate only to be sold when the youngest child reached 25 years old. In a codicil dated headed 'Rio Demerary 28/10/1809' and apparently made on Covent Garden 17/10/1809 she excluded her daughter Mary [sic] Daly and her husband John Daly from any involvement in the execution of the will (but not from her portion) and made her sons John and Anthony her executors. On 18/10/1809 she further modified her will so that if Mary Daly died before the division of property under the will, then Mary's share would go to John and Anthony Osborn. She left 2000 guilders each to Anthony and Thomas St Felix, sons of Mary Osborn or Daly, her grandchildren, but 'for good reasons of undutifulness' she disinherited her grand-daughter Ann St Felix.


  1. PROB 11/1520/218. In the margin of the copy of the will she is described as 'Mary Osborn formerly Packwood', but in the online index of TNA she is described as 'Mary Packwood formerly Osborn.' It appears that Packwood was her maiden name, rather than the result of a second marriage.

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'Ann St Felix' was disinherited under the will of her grandmother Mary Osborn formerly...
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Thomas St Felix was also beneficiary under the will of Mary Osborn formerly Packwood....
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