Aaron Graham

???? - 1818


Enslaved people on Mount Alexander estate in Grenada were registered in 1817 as in the possession of George Gun Munro, attorney of Aron [sic] Graham, Henry Litchfield and Joseph Kaye, trustees of Messrs. A. Houstoun & Co. To date these trustees haven't been traced with certainty, but Aaron Graham was probably the man of St Giles and Saint Georges Bloomsbury whose will was proved in 1819, Joseph Kaye probably the London solicitor and Henry Litchfield the same man as Henry Charles Litchfield of John Street Bedford Row, whose will was proved in 1822.

  1. Will of Aaron Graham of [Great Queen Street, Lincoln Inn Fields in the united parishes of] St Giles and Saint Georges Bloomsbury proved 27/01/1819. The will provides no evidence of a connection to A. Houstoun or to the West Indies. In it, Aaron Graham having left the portrait of Mrs Coutts by Sir William Beechey to Thomas Coutts added a pained memorandum detailing their [the Coutts'] hatred for members of his family.


T71/265 pp. 374-377.

  1. PROB 11/1612/383.

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