Sir Philip Haughton Clarke 8th Bart.

1761 - 12th May 1798


Eldest son of Sir Simon Haughton Clarke 7th Bart. and his wife Anne nee Haughton. Inherited half his father's estate and substantial property in Jamaica from his mother. Died 1798, leaving an annuity of £300 p.a. and then £6000 at 21 to his reputed son Philip Clarke and the remainder to his brother Sir Simon Haughton Clarke 9th Bart.


PROB 11/1307/285 Will of Sir Philip Haughton Clarke otherwise Houghton of Downton Wiltshire [now in London] proved 15/06/1798; PROB 11/926/274 Will of Philip Haughton planter of Hanover Jamaica proved 02/03/1767.

Further Information

[reputed, with Mrs Sarah Bromley] Philip Clarke

PROB 11/1307/285 - precis.

Sir Philip Haughton Clarke of Downton in Wiltshire Baronet now in London.

To my reputed natural son Philip Clarke by Mrs Sarah Bromley now age 6 years and 6 months an annuity of £300 sterling until age 21. This money to be applied for his maintenance and education; and part of it not necessary for those purposes to be placed out at interest and the accumulations to be paid to him at age 21. Also to him, £6000 sterling at age 21, liable on all my estate real and personal.

All the remainder of my estate real and personal to my dear brother Simon Haughton Clarke.

Executors my brother and my friend Duncan Davidson of Bedford Square, also to be the guardians of my reputed son Philip Clarke until age 21.

Signed 20/08/1796.

Proved in London 15/06/1798 by Sir Simon Haughton Clarke Baronet.

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1795 [EA] - 1796 [LA] → Joint owner

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Downton, Wiltshire, Wessex, England
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He does not appear in the Victoria County History for Wiltshire and presumably was renting a house there