William Harriott senior

1768 - 1821


Father of Rev. William Harriott and Charlotte Pengelly nee Harriott (both of whom q.v.).

  1. Adm. pens. at TRINITY HALL, Jan. 12, 1786. [Doubtless s. of John, gent., of St Elizabeth, Jamaica, who is mentioned by name only in Caribbeana, III. 171-2 as inheriting property from a friend [in fact John Harriott was an executor and trustee not a beneficiary under the will shown in Caribbeana]. School, Westminster.] Adm. at Lincoln's Inn, May 13, 1785. Matric. from Exeter College, Oxford, Nov. 3, 1788; age 20. Of Metz, Lorraine. His s. William was at Exeter College, Oxford, in 1807. (Al. Oxon.; Record of Old Westminsters.)

  2. Of Jamaica in 1789 when he married Miss Pitter, of the Strand. Ann Pitter was a minor at the time, and consent for the marriage was given by her father Thomas Pitter. William and Ann were both "of this parish" [Westminster] in the register.

  3. Will of William Harriott of [the parish of St Elizabeth, county of Cornwall, Jamaica but now residing at South Stoneham House] South Stoneham, county of Southampton [made in 1818] proved 16/04/1822. Under the will he ratified the annuity of £500 p.a. to his wife Ann under their marriage settlement secured on the Mexico and Santa Cruz estates [and the enslaved people upon them], and increased it by a further £500 p.a. He identified his sons as William and Henry Harriott, and left the former an annuity of £600 p.a. until his estate including the Jamaica property came to him. He left: £12,000 in trust to support William's wife should she be widowed, and then to her children, and an annuity of £300 p.a.; £4000 at 21 to his son Henry; £4000 for his daughters Juliana Coke wife of Edward Coke of St Elizabeth and Charlotte Harriott. In a codicil of 1821 he revoked the additional annuity of £500 p.a. to his wife and replaced it with £200 p.a., on the grounds that the value of West India property had fallen since he made his will. His son Rev. William Harriott was granted administration of the will in 1822, when William Harriott senior was described as late of Tours in France.

  4. Advertisement in the Public Ledger, 20/12/1862 for the sale of the encumbered estate of William Harriott deceased, ex parte Charlotte Pengelly [his daughter] and others, valuable sugar estates called Mexico, Santa Cruz Park and Sally Hall Pen, total of 2022 acres.


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Further Information

Ann Pitter
Charlotte; Juliana; William; Henry
Trinity Hall, Cambridge [1786 ]

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