Charles Edmonstone

???? - 1827


Eighty-seven enslaved people were registered by Arch. Edmonstone for Charles Edmonstone in Demerara in 1826.

  1. David Alston carries a brief biography of Charles Edmonstone, who was in Demerara from 1780-1817 before returning to Scotland, where he died in 1827.

  2. The will of Charles Edmonston [sic] sometime of the colony of Demerara but now of Cardross Castle, written in 1827 and proved in 1835, mentions a "mulatto child Jeanie residing with me" to whom he bequeathed £1000; Godson Charles, son of Archibald Edmundson of Demerara; daughters Eliza, Ann, Helen and Bethia; sons Charles and Robert; and his wife Helen Reid. He also provided for the manumission of three enslaved people in Demerara: Catharine, Betty and Cecillia.


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Helen Reid

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Charles Edmonstone's brother Archibald Edmonstone (1754-1821) was the father of Archibald Edmonstone...
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Charles Waterton married Charles Edmonstone's daughter...

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Cardross Park, Dumbarton, Dunbartonshire, Central Scotland, Scotland