Robert Williams Pickwoad

1776 - 1834


Chief Justice of the Leewards. He was the eldest son of Robert Pickwoad, a London merchant who died of Egham in Surrey c.1807. Robert Pickwoad left his house and land at Egham to his wife for life, then to Robert Williams Pickwoad, and left £1000 each to his wife, two daughters and younger son George with the provision in the case of the daughters that the money remain in his business Robert Pickwoad & Son at 4% p.a: all his personal estate as divided between his wife and younger children [implying Robert Williams Pickwoad was adequately provided for in his father's view].


Will of Robert Pickwoad of Egham Surrey proved 20/08/1807, PROB 11/1466/178.

Further Information

Sophia Pickwood nee Pogson

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Walter Williamson was the father-in-law of R.W. Pickwoad's son Edwin. This relationship was given by Reid Irving in a letter introduced by Benjamin Buck Greene in his evidence to the 1848 Committee...