Sommerville Forrester

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Owner of Haddo Pen in Westmoreland, Jamaica. Deceased by 1809.

  1. His will was written in 1804 and proved in 1836 and mentions his brother David of Polder in Scotland, another brother William and a sister Helen; reputed children Helen, Veronica and Walter; and the mother of two of his children Theresa Reynolds Dause.

  2. "Somerville Forrester matriculated at the University [of Glasgow] in 1783. He was the youngest son of James of Perth. He died at Jamaica on 5 September 1804. Student Walter Forrester, who later attended the University from 1817-20 may have been his son." "Walter Forrester, the only son of Somerville Forrester, a merchant in Jamaica, attended the University from 1817-1820, studying Greek, Logic and Moral Philosophy. Like many men of his time, he does not appear to have graduated despite his studies qualifying him for the degree of BA."


Jamaica Almanacs (1811, 1812).

  1. PROB 11/1879/505.

  2. The University of Glasgow Story, and [accessed 10/12/2020]. We are grateful to Peter Selley for his assistance with the entry.

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PROB 11/1879/505 - precis.

Somerville Forrester of Westmoreland, Jamaica, Esquire.

I request of my respected friend John Graham Esquire of the Kingdom of Britain and Ireland to whose patronage I am under the highest obligation that he will accept the bequest of one hundred guineas (but for him I should have had but few to leave) to purchase a gold snuff box as a testimony of my gratitude.

To my brother William, £2000 sterling to be placed in the hands of my brother David Forrester of Polder in Scotland Esquire, the interest at the rate of 5% per annum to be paid in two equal parts during his natural life. At his death, the principal to form part of my residuary estate.

To my beloved sister Helen Forrester, £200 sterling per annum for life to be paid her by my brother David Forrester out of the residuum of my estate.

To my reputed daughter named Helen, £500 Jamaican currency.

To my reputed children Veronica and Walter by Theresa Reynolds Dause, £2000 currency each, the interest at 6% per annum to be applied to their maintenance and education in Britain until they become of age when the principal is to be paid over to them. I request that my brother David will take care of my said children.

To my relation David Forrester of Westmoreland, wharfinger, £1000 sterling.

To Theresa Reynolds Dause, £500 currency and all my wearing apparel, bed and table linen.

All rest and residue to my beloved brother David Forrester.

"... from the long itimacy and friendship that has subsisted betixt me and Archibald Galbraith of Westmoreland, wharfinger and in whose attention to my interest I have the fullest considence I hereby nominate and appoint him sole executor..."

Signed 11/01/1804.

Sworn by witnesses in Jamaica 03/08/1836. Proved in London 29/06/1837 by George Kirlew, attorney of William Walker, a creditor of the said deceased, both Archibald Galbraith and David Forrester having died.

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