Elizabeth Swain Bannister

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Elizabeth Swain Bannister was named as a legatee in the will of William Fraser of Goldstone Hall (q.v.). An E. S. Bannister registered 76 enslaved people the property of E.S. Bannister in 1825, a net increase of 10 on the previous registration. In the 1831 registration, the estate of E.S. Banister [sic] had sold to D.C. Cameron all of the 72 enslaved people previously registered in her name, the return made by Wm Fraser and Francis Dumarez.


Berbice Slave Register 1825: T71/442 pp. 191-192; Berbice Slave Register 1831 T71/444 pp. 37-42.

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Legatee → Testator
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The father of Elizabeth Swain Bannister's children might have been William...