Stephen Mourant

???? - 1824


Eponymous owner of Port Mourant in Berbice making his own return in the 1818 slave registration for 131 enslaved people on the estate, plus a separate return for an additional 9 people. Stephen Mourant was subject to two judicial sales of the Port Mourant estate (which q.v. under 'Port Morant'), announced in 1813 and 1821, from the first of which he emerged still in control of the estate but in the second of which the estate was sold away from him. He died shortly thereafter.

  1. In October 1824 an advertisement was placed by the Marshal's Office in Berbice for creditors of the late Stephen Mourant.


T71/437 pp. 263-265.

  1. London Gazette 18095 01/01/1825 p. 13.

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