Joseph Brissett senior

1st Jul 1755 - 1807


Son of George Brissett and his wife Sarah nee Tharp and grandson of John Brissett (1665-1742, the first of this family to move to Jamaica).

  1. Joseph Brissett owned Cacoon Pen in Hanover, Jamaica, which he mortgaged to his uncle John Tharp, William Miles of Bristol, and others, 12/05/1786. At the time the estate covered 468 acres and included 147 enslaved people. Papers relating to bonds held on Cacoon estate between John Tharp and Joseph Brissett 1785-1806 are held in the Tharp Papers in Cambridge County Record Office.

  2. Joseph matriculated at Glasgow University in 1769, followed by his brothers George (1771) and John (1772).


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Further Information

[1] Mary Poole Johnson [2] Anne Rankin
With [1] Richard, John, Elizabeth, Anne Wilhelmina, Mary, Selina. With [2] Joseph (1799-)
University of Glasgow [1769 ]

Associated Estates (2)

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1784 [EA] - 1799 [LA] → Owner

It is not cleat that the entry for Joseph Brissett refers in fact to Cacoon (or Cocoon) Castle Pen (which appears to have been in the possession of the Clarke family throughout): it might refer to Cacoon [JA 7286] instead, or to a third estate not yet identifiied

1809 [EA] - 1827 [LA] → Previous owner

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