Louisa Barnes (née Mackinnon)

???? - 1837

Claimant or beneficiary


Rev. Henry Barnes (q.v.) of Monmouth, South Wales, counterclaimed unsuccessfully for compensation for Mackinnon's estate on Antigua as executor of Louisa Barnes, legatee of William Mackinnon for £2500. The will of Louisa Barnes identified Rev. Henry Barnes as her son.

  1. Louisa Mackinnon, daughter of William Mackinnon (q.v., died 1809, 32nd Chief of Mackinnon) and Louisa Vernon, married Henry Barnes, date unknown.

  2. Will of Louisa Barnes widow [of the late Henry Barnes of the Fort in the County of Hereford] of Weymouth Dorset [made at Weymouth 10/06/1831] proved 13/03/1837. In her own will, she explained that under the will of her mother Louisa Mackinnon she was entitled to the interest to £2500 for life with power to dispose of the principal sum at her death, and she left £2000 of this sum to her son Rev. Henry Barnes for life and then to the latter's children, and the other £500 to her god-daughters Catherine Barnes and Constantia Barnes. A note from Louisa Barnes dated 03/01/1833 signed in Guernsey explained a deleted reference in the will to Percy Galindo, to whom the debt of her son Henry Barnes had been 'nearly if not quite liquidated.'


T71/877 Antigua claim no. 35 (Mackinnon's).

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Further Information

Maiden Name
Henry Barnes
Rev. Henry Barnes

Associated Claims (1)

£3,942 2s 1d
Beneficiary unsuccessful (Legatee)

Relationships (8)

Aunt → Nephew
Aunt → Nephew
Mother → Son
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Rev. Henry Barnes was the executor of Louisa Barnes nee Mackinnon, whose will identified him as her...
Daughter → Father
Daughter → Mother

Addresses (1)

Weymouth, Dorset, Wessex, England
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Of Weymouth when she made her will in 1831.